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Free Ruby Gems and Complete Applications

Our Open-Source Projects

Open-source software changed the world, and it continues to do so. Being able to build reusable tools and modules that other people can take advantage of is remarkable. We have been creating and sharing software since 1996, over two decades today!

While we also write in C/C++, C for Arduino, and BASH, and a few more obscure languages, below you will find specifically the list of Ruby Gems and Ruby Applications developed and actively maintained by ReinventONE. We encourage you to try them out, and reach out to us for any questions to kig AT

This library, given input dimension of a 3D box, generates a PDF layout for creating "snap-on" type enclosures on a laser cutter. Both library, and a command line tool. Used by the site.

gem install laser-cutter

a website for generating PDF layouts for laser cutting.

A complete social activity feed implementation for any site, that scales to millions of users, and uses Redis as the backend offering constant read time for each feed consumer.

gem install simple-feed

Easy-to-use, transparent to the user symmetric encryption using the AES-256-cBC cipher, and a 256 bit key. The key itself is encrypted using a password that can be conveniently cached.

gem install sym; sym -h

A take on the "Observerable" design pattern with the Events as first class citizens.

gem install ventable

An plugin for Ventable that emits event information to the Statsd collector.

gem install ventable-statsd

An attribute memoization library that offers thread safety during the initialization of memoized attributes.

gem install attr_memoized

command line utility 'wd' allows you to bookmark frequently used folders so that you can quickly warp (cd) into them later.

gem install warp-dir

This library converts config files between – YAML, JSON and Windows INI file format.

gem install dupervisor

A server application that consumes AWS Kinesis Stream using a thread-per-shard architecture, as well as rate limiting of the API requests to satisfy AWS policies.

gem install kinsumer