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We Build Software That Works.

ReinventONE is a high-end software consultancy with a passion for delivering exceptionally high quality software that "just works". We strive to make a huge impact on your product development — be that feature development, productivity, micro-services, databases, scaling, training, — in other words — difficult problems is our forté.

We worked on and helped build and scale well-known companies such as Wanelo, Blurb, Returnly, Shippo, HIRED, and a boutique fashion store, recently acquired by WalMart.

Our conference talks and the related online presentations have been viewed by over 160,000 people worldwide, and our open source projects are used by a large community of software developers.

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2016-2017 Consulting Projects

We take pride in our previous work and happy customers. The following is a short list of projects we worked on in the last year and a half.

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Latest Open Source Software

Not only do we use the best of breed open source software when working on hard problems, but we also contribute heavily to the open source.

The following is a short list of popular Ruby Gems (libraries) written by our staff, and in frequent rotation:

A social activity feed implementation for any site, that scales to millions of users and uses Redis as the backend. gem install simple-feed
Easy to use secrets encryption command line tool plus Ruby API, that integrates with OS-X KeyChain. gem install sym
An "Observerable" design pattern with Events as first class citizen extensions. gem install ventable
An plugin for Ventable that emits event information to the Statsd collector.
open source library that generates PDF layouts for creating custom enclosures using a laser cutter. gem install laser-cutter
a website for generating PDF layouts for laser cutting.
command line utility 'wd' allows you to bookmark frequently used folders so that you can quickly warp (cd) into them later. gem install warp-dir
This library converts config files between – YAML, JSON and Windows INI file format. gem install dupervisor
Open source ruby application for delivering webhooks work in progress